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Design Thinking: The Only Way Forward in a Post-COVID Digital Healthcare Landscape

Hospitals and healthcare systems across the US looked to technology last year as a quick solution in a healthcare crisis brought on by a global pandemic. Now, even before the dust has settled, the pandemic has made one thing clear: Telehealth, telemedicine, and virtual and digital healthcare tools (e.g., patient portals, payment portals, online scheduling) are here to stay. While a recent 2021 study by Experian Health reports a decline in virtual healthcare encounters after its proliferation in

Principles in Practice: Helps Velano Vascular Uncover Human-Centered Insights to Change the Standard of Care

LIFT leveraged human-centered insights from patients and healthcare providers to form a brand that is forever changing the standard of inpatient hospital care and delivery. It’s safe to say that you or someone you know has had a negative blood draw experience. According to the American Hospital Association, there are 5,627 hospitals in the United States—all of which draw blood from the majority of patients who walk through their doors. The routine blood draw is one of the most common invasive

Embrace Demand Forecasting in Your Small Business to Maximize Agility and Efficiency

Embrace Demand Forecasting in Your Small Business to Maximize Agility and Efficiency For large and small business owners alike, the concept of demand forecasting—an essential business practice in predicting turnover, profit margins, sales, and cash-flow—can feel daunting. Critical for helping your business see around the corner and anticipating the road ahead, mastering demand forecasting may maximize your business’ ability to think on its feet and operate at its peak. Of course, it’s mostly i
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Four Reasons Your Hospital Should Choose MarketVoice™ to Achieve Patient Understanding in 2022

Connect with patients long before they step into your facility. Understand their lived experiences, needs, and motivations—both in and outside the four walls of your hospital. As you look ahead into 2022 and beyond, you’re undoubtedly considering your current and future marketing, communications, and research investments. Don’t compromise when it comes to understanding your patients and their communities. Traditional market data limits human understanding, and MarketVoice is the solution. Mark

What Your Hospital's Advertising Agency May Be Missing, and How a Healthcare Marketing Firm Can Help.

Sophisticated. That’s the first word that comes to mind when describing the healthcare industry. Providing an array of health services ranging from general health promotion, prevention (e.g., vaccines, cancer screenings), rehabilitation, to obstetrics, therapeutic interventions, and even emergency care, healthcare poses a unique challenge to marketers unlike any other industry. However sophisticated, these services are vital to the well-being of our communities, and hospitals and health systems

3 Ways Your Business Can Help Promote Your Community’s Growth and Development

As a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats. It’s easy to get caught up in keeping operations afloat and missing out on the opportunities that could help your business grow in your community. Engaging with your community can help your small business in big ways—citizens are aware of the importance small businesses play in their communities and the pandemic has only made that more apparent. Here are some ways to

Chattanooga Forest Wedding Venues

If you’re a Chattanooga resident, or are looking to have your destination wedding here, there’s a solid chance you have an affinity for nature. Maybe you’ve always envisioned your wedding in the forest, surrounded by big trees, green foliage, colorful leaves, and seasonal flowers. There’s simply something tranquil, and intimately powerful about standing in the woods surrounded by awesome nature so big, but all connected as one. It’s the perfect place to get married! Here are a few Chattanooga f

The Most Overlooked Reason to Conduct Market Research

It’s widely taught by healthcare market research companies that there are two reasons to conduct market research. Problem-seeking and problem-solving. As true as this may be, there’s a third reason that often remains unspoken—understanding. Understanding is arguably the most important component of any successful healthcare marketing transaction, but unfortunately, it is often glossed over or misunderstood entirely. Without understanding, we lack the full context needed to effectively process t

Healthcare Marketers Should Be Empathic by Discipline

Empathy is a buzz word many companies and brands are using to signal selflessness and to show they care for others. It’s progress … empathy should be used in business—and must be used in healthcare. As quickly as it becomes an oversaturated term, we must be sure it doesn’t lose its true meaning. Marketers are keenly aware of the power of words and the importance of being authentic, precise, and deliberate with our use of language in our communications. We’ve all witnessed, especially in today’s

How Community-Based Marketing Aligns Healthcare Messaging with Patient Experience [Part 2 of 2]

NEWS FLASH: The most important social network for your hospital isn’t online. It’s in your community. It’s the weekly coffee klatsches and happy hours (in-person and virtual) where neighbors are coming together and commiserating with one another over their health experiences. It’s around the Sunday dinner tables where relatives are sharing stories they’ve heard from friends about how rude the scheduler at their primary care office was, or how their PCP went out of their way to make them feel co
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